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Application Resource Management for Digital Business Transformation

Turbonomic AI-powered Application Resource Management simultaneously optimizes performance, compliance, and cost in real time.  

Software manages the complete application stack, automatically. Applications are continually resourced to perform while satisfying business constraints.  

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For Digital Business Transformation

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Delivering AI-Powered Automation to Application Modernization

According to Gartner (2020), by 2024, 30% of business leaders will rely on AI in IT operations "AIOps" platforms for automated insights to drive business-related decisions, as compared to less than 3% today.

By leveraging AI to eliminate manual troubleshooting, firefighting, and other labor-intensive aspects of operations, IT teams can confidently modernize applications, adopt new cloud and container-based technologies, and accelerate release cycles without fear of cost overruns or performance degradation. The AI-powered Turbonomic Application Resource Management platform aids in digital business transformation by ensuring business-critical applications get the resources they need to perform on any public cloud, private cloud, or virtualized environment, automatically, at the lowest possible cost.  

Customer Stories

Leading through change

Our customers are transforming the way they manage application performance: they let software manage the compute, storage, and network resources for them 24/7/365.

Leading through change

Trusted by 3000+ customers and 33% of the Fortune 500 modernizing their applications


“Turbonomic is absolutely one of our mission-critical tools, and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone - onpremises in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. It saves us thousands of dollars in the cloud every month.”


“Turbonomic's automated actions not only improve performance, but they free up the team's resources. The team now has more time to innovate rather than focusing on keeping the lights on.”


“Turbonomic's API has given us all of the data that we need in order to implement its recommendations into our PaaS and we are really excited about the performance improvements and cost savings....”

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