About Turbonomic

Launched in 2009, Turbonomic was founded on the idea that software should manage IT.

Today, Turbonomic delivers the only software that continuously assures application performance at the lowest cost. Our Application Resource Management solution makes resourcing decisions based on real time application demand, ensuring that applications always get the compute, storage, and network they need to perform.

In June 2021, Turbonomic was acquired by IBM. Together, we are well-positioned to build the future of AI-driven hybrid cloud.

Leveraging AIOps, we believe that software should manage IT and users should never have to wait for an application to respond. With the backing of IBM, customers will now have a one-stop shop for AI-powered automation capabilities.

In the mission to accelerate sustainable IT, our resourcing actions ensure applications consume exactly what they need so customers reduce their cloud & data center consumption by at least 30% within 6 months.

Voice of the Customer

Case Study: SulAmérica
SulAmérica’s App-Driven Digital Transformation 70% Reduction in tickets 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions leading to low application-response time.   11% Improvement in node density About SulAmérica With over 7,390...
Case Study: O.C. Tanner
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Case Study: Carhartt
Carhartt Realizes Record Holiday Sales While Delivering a Cloud-First Strategy with Turbonomic 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions. 15% Improvement in resource utilization by automating VM placement with Turbonomic. 45%...