Turbonomic was built on the premise that today's virtualized and cloud environments are beyond human scale to manage. Our founders envisioned a single platform that applies economic principles to manage IT resources.

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For all press inquiries, please contact:
Kubernetes Automation: 3 Essential Features
Taking every advantage of Kubernetes automation is critical for operating at scale. Kubernetes as a container orchestrator will ensure pods are scheduled, but if you’re looking to use Kubernetes to build a platform that facilitates...
Code. Commit. Deploy. An OpenShift Primer
Ever felt like building a pipeline to help you with your application deployment process? It’s not as difficult as you’d think and we are going to show you just how easy it is! In this...
The Truths and Myths of Multi-Cloud
It’s no secret that the cloud has been a disruptive technology, and as it is still an emerging field of computing in relative terms of the age of some services, there are many misconceptions about...
What Is Cloud Migration Strategy?
Almost 70% of enterprise companies have transferred their infrastructure and software to the cloud. As such, it is little wonder those who have not yet moved to cloud wish to do the same. The last thing you...
On The Subject Of Cloud
Businesses buy IT resources because they need them for their applications to perform. When applications are not performing, businesses are not running. However, when deciding how many resources to buy, IT professionals face a challenge....
10 Surefire Benefits of Cloud Migration in 2021
Small and medium-sized businesses are always competing with the technology of their corporate counterparts. Large corporations are always seeking ways to accelerate speed-to-market and reduce costs. In the world of cloud services, cloud migration may...
Cloud Elasticity vs Cloud Scalability
There are many aspects of cloud computing CIOs, cloud engineers, and IT managers should consider when deciding to add cloud services to their infrastructure. Cost, security, performance, availability, and reliability are some common key areas to consider....
A Day in the Life in Sales: Dina Henderson

In the third part of our series, we talk with Boston-based Sales Development Representative, Dina Henderson, to provide a little insight into her day-to-day at Turbonomic. Read below to learn all about her journey!

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