Turbonomic provides flexible and dynamic training options designed to ensure that you understand and can fully leverage Turbonomic’s AI-powered Application Resource Management to assure performance, reduce costs, and maintain compliance. Whether you are new to Turbonomic, or have been using it for years, Turbonomic Educational Services courses are designed to deliver value and are structured for rapid learning.


Course Calendar

Green = Foundational | Blue = Intermediate technical content | Purple = Advanced technical content

Remote Classes

Public remote classes give you access to the same expert trainers and in-depth materials that in-person classes offer. They are presented in three-hour segments with Ace ARM and Cloud ARM topics scheduled over multiple days.


Ace ARM Foundations

Difficulty: Foundational

Ace ARM Training is ACE Training, completely rewritten for Turbonomic 8, also known as 'ARM'. Ace ARM Training is intended to help you better understand the Turbonomic approach and features of Turbonomic 8 to manage your full application stack.

Turbonomic Integrating Applications

Difficulty: Foundational

Turbonomic Integrating Applications training deepens knowledge about the Turbonomic abstraction and how to integrate with leading APM software, demonstrating the benefits of adding application targets to Turbonomic.

Taking Actions

Difficulty: Foundational

The Taking Actions class teaches you about different action types and acceptance modes, as well as how to add automation policies


Turbonomic Integration with ServiceNow

Intermediate technical content

The integration between Turbonomic and ServiceNow provides a single system of record for managing and controlling changes in your IT environment.  This course teaches how to realize the benefits from this integration and includes how to record, approve, and track Turbonomic actions in ServiceNow.

Turbonomic Integration with Horizon VDI

Intermediate technical content

This class takes you in-depth into how Turbonomic manages and extends the abilities of VMware’s Horizon VDI to enable enhanced user management and greater utilization of your infrastructure resources.

Hands-On IWO Delta Training

Intermediate technical content

Hands-On IWO Delta Training will help you learn how Turbonomic powers IWO to assure the performance of your business-critical applications while you save on infrastructure costs and assure compliance in your hybrid-cloud environment. This course includes hands-on lab exercises.


Turbonomic Cloud ARM Training

Advanced technical content

Turbonomic Cloud ARM Training takes you in-depth into how the Turbonomic/CWOM platform interacts with the world’s most broadly accepted cloud  technologies, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (GCP). Previously known as AMC (Ace Master Cloud), this course has been completely rewritten for Turbonomic 8.

Turbonomic Management of Cloud Native Applications

Advanced technical content

Turbonomic/CWOM Management of Cloud Native Applications training takes you in-depth into how Turbonomic manages all upstream compliant Kubernetes.

Reporting in Turbonomic

Advanced technical content

Reporting in Turbonomic/CWOM helps you understand how such reporting features as Embedded Reports, Data Exporter, and Data Cloud work, as well as the relative benefits of each one.

Orchestrating Turbonomic with Action Scripts

Advanced technical content

Orchestrating Turbonomic/CWOM with Action Scripts training takes you in-depth into how to orchestrate any action in Turbonomic externally through scripting and helps you understand the benefits of using action scripts in Turbonomic.

This course requires experience with both the Linux Command Line and using the Turbonomic platform.

Using the Turbonomic API

Advanced technical content

Using the Turbonomic API training teaches you how to use the Turbonomic Application Programming Interface - or API - at scale in your IT environment.

This course requires experience with both the Linux Command Line and using the Turbonomic platform.


Advanced technical content

A cloud-based SaaS platform, ParkMyCloud enables IT Ops, DevOps, and Infrastructure teams to easily optimize their spend across multiple public clouds. This class builds in-depth knowledge about how ParkMyCloud works and how organizations can maximize their Cloud savings using the ParkMyCloud platform.

Instructor-Led Training

Choose from either on-site or private remote training that will ensure you feel completely comfortable using the Turbonomic platform to meet your business goals. All sessions focus on your own instance of Turbonomic and allow you to customize the agenda as you see fit.

Training is highly interactive, consisting of 50% presentation and 50% hands-on work.

Custom Training

The new Custom Training option will allow you to select up to five specific topics from a comprehensive course catalog to help your organization maximize the value of its investment in Turbonomic or CWOM. Training can be delivered onsite or remotely.

Remote Classes

Held via a web meeting, these classes mirror the experience of an in-person class. Sessions can be recorded and provided for you to share with your colleagues. As with the on-site sessions, we will spend our time together exploring the Turbonomic Platform in your environment and making sure that it is configured to meet your specific challenges and business needs.

On-Site Classes

Our expert trainers will deliver this class at your facility. These classes are ideal when most of your Turbonomic users can be together in one location. We will spend our time together exploring the Turbonomic Platform in your environment and making sure that it is configured to meet your specific challenges and business needs. A series of lab exercises reinforce the learning and will be done on both your own Turbonomic instance and on instances running in a training lab.

Training Videos

Do you want a quick and easy way to learn about particular aspects of Turbonomic, such as planning for cloud migration, optimizing cloud, or automating resizing or VM moves?

Here is a sample of the brief videos we provide about fulfilling these and other common use cases. Go to the Educational Services playlist on YouTube to see all HOW-TO videos.

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