Cisco AppDynamics



Cisco AppDynamics is an APM solution that provides real-time insights into your business applications. Turbonomic leverages the application metrics to make smarter resourcing decisions in the underlying infrastructure to ensure that your business applications always get the resources they need to perform.

Data Discovered


  • Business Application
  • Business Transaction
  • Tier
  • Node
  • Database
  • Server


  • For Business Transactions, Business Applications, and Services, Turbonomic pulls transactions and response time data.
  • For Application Components, Turbonomic pulls virtual CPU (VCPU), virtual memory (VMem), transactions, heap, response time, connections, collection time, and threads data.
  • For Databases, Turbonomic pulls virtual CPU (VCPU), virtual memory (VMem), transactions, heap, DBMem, connections, collection time, threads, transaction log, and DB cache hit rate data.

Actions Generated

  • Resize Heap
  • Resize Thread Pool
  • Resize Connection Capacity
  • Suspend VM
  • Provision VM

NOTE: Application re-configuration actions are recommend actions because they require code and configuration changes and a restart of your application