IBM WebSphere Application Server



The IBM WebSphere Application Server is a set of Java-based tools commercially backed by IBM and allows customers to create and manage web sites. The WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is able to accelerate application delivery due to a highly reliable Java Enterprise Edition-based runtime environment. Customers can use the WebSphere Application Server to connect web site users to Java applications and/or servlets. Turbonomic leverages the application metrics to make smarter resourcing decisions in the underlying infrastructure to ensure that your business applications always get the resources they need to perform. 

Data Discovered


  • Application
  • Server


  • Transactions 
  • Virtual Memory  
  • Virtual CPU 
  • Heap 
  • Response Time  
  • Threads 
  • Connection 
  • Remaining GC Capacity  

Actions Generated

  • Resize Heap 
  • Resize Connection Capacity (Recommendation Only) 
  • Provision Additional Resources (VMem, VCPU) 
  • Move Virtual Machine 
  • Reconfigure Storage 
  • Suspend VM