Cisco UCS Manager


UCS Manager


Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Manager automates routine tasks and reduces operational expenses, by enabling server, fabric, and storage provisioning as well as, device discovery, inventory, configuration, diagnostics, monitoring, fault detection, auditing, and statistics collection. UCS integrates all of these resources in a scalable multi-chassis platform to converge administration onto a single point.

Turbonomic manages these various entities, intelligently automating at the hardware level, including determining when to provision new hosts or add a new chassis.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machine
  • Physical Machine
  • Chassis
  • I/O Module
  • Fabric Interconnect
  • DPod (if Network Flow is integrated)

*DPod: Group of Physical Resources that are closely located, for example, blades in the same TOR Switch or UCS Domain.


For Virtual Machines:

  • vMem
  • vCPU
  • vStorage
  • IOPS
  • Latency

For Physical Machines:

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • IO
  • Net
  • Swap
  • Balloon
  • CPU Ready

For Chassis:

  • Power
  • Temperature

For I/O Module:

  • NetThroughput

For Fabric Interconnect:

  • NetThroughput
  • PortChannel

For DPod (if Network Flow is integrated):

  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Storage
  • Flow

Actions Generated

For Virtual Machines:

  • Provision additional resources (VMem, VCPU)
  • Move Virtual Machine
  • Move Virtual Machine Storage
  • Reconfigure Storage
  • Reconfigure Virtual Machine

For Physical Machines:

  • Start Physical Machine
  • Provision Physical Machine
  • Suspend Physical Machine

For Chassis:

  • Provision New Chassis

For Fabric Interconnect:

  • Add Port to Port Channel
  • Remove Port from Port Channel
  • Add Port

For DPod (if Network Flow is integrated):

  • Provision new DPod