IBM Power VM


Turbonomic connects with IBM PowerVM servers through the IBM Hardware Management Console (HMC) to manage logical partitions (LPARs), Processor Pools, virtual I/O servers (VIOS), and the associated network and storage.

Turbonomic generates actions to assure the performance, including how to resize LPARS and which frames to run on. VIO servers are exempt from move actions, but Turbonomic will determine the right resizing actions.

If you have x86 blade chassis as well as IBM Power frames, you have to look at multiple systems when you want to report your data center’s health. With the PowerVM integration, you can control the health of your x86 and Power systems from one instance. You can generate dashboards that indicate the overall health of your datacenter and show how Turbonomic has avoided risks, regardless of the underlying technology.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machine
  • Physical Machine
  • Storage


  • VM Virtual Memory, CPU, Storage, IOPS, and Latency
  • Physical Machine Memory, CPU, IO, Net, Swap, Balloon, CPU Ready
  • Storage Amount, Provisioned, IOPs, Latency
  • Data Center Memory, CPU, IO, Net, Swap, Balloon, CPU Ready
  • And more!

Actions Generated

  • For Virtual Machines: Start, Move, Suspend, Storage Move, Resize Down/Up, Terminate, Provision, Reconfigure
  • For Physical Machines: Start, Suspend, Terminate, Provision
  • For Storage: Provision