To manage your OpenStack® environment, Turbonomic connects to the Keystone identity service endpoint. Through this connection, Turbonomic discovers the other services it needs to control your OpenStack environment. If it discovers the necessary services, then it considers the OpenStack target to be validated.

Turbonomic has been tested with hypervisors running OpenStack on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat RDO.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machine
  • Physical Machine
  • Virtual Data Center


  • VM: Virtual Memory, CPU, Storage, IOPS, and Latency
  • Physical Machine: Memory, CPU, IO, Net, Swap, Balloon, CPU Ready
  • Storage: Amount, Provisioned, IOPs, Latency
  • Virtual Data Center: Memory, CPU, Storage

Actions Generated

  • For Virtual Machines: Start, Move, Suspend, Storage Move, Resize Down/Up, Terminate, Provision, Reconfigure, Reconfigure Storage
  • For Physical Machines: Start, Suspend, Provision
  • For Virtual Data Centers: Resize Consumer VDC, Provision Consumer VDC