VMware vCenter




VMware vCenter Server provides a centralized management platform for VMware hypervisors. When you manage your VMware environment with Turbonomic, our software manages resources to ensure that your VMs always get the resources they need to perform. Additionally, most customers will stitch their virtualization layer to other parts of the stack, including Applications and Databases, Container Platforms, Cloud for hybrid cloud management, Storage, Hyperconverged, etc. Only Turbonomic provides this extensive visibility, understanding the relationships between applications and infrastructure. And only Turbonomicl generates automatable actions that prevent performance degradation.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machine
  • Physical Machine
  • Storage


  • VM Virtual Memory, CPU, Storage, IOPS, and Latency
  • Physical Machine Memory, CPU, IO, Net, Swap, Balloon, CPU Ready
  • Storage Amount, Provisioned, IOPs, Latency
  • Data Center Memory, CPU, IO, Net, Swap, Balloon, CPU Ready
  • And more!

Actions Generated

  • For Virtual Machines: Start, Move, Suspend, Storage Move, Resize Down/Up, Terminate, Provision, Reconfigure
  • For Physical Machines: Start, Suspend, Terminate, Provision
  • For Storage: Provision