The JBoss Application Server was developed by Red Hat to be an open-source platform for implementing Java applications and other software applications. The JBoss application server is reliable and scalable due to it being a high class, enterprise-grade platform. Turbonomic leverages the application metrics to make smarter resourcing decisions in the underlying infrastructure to ensure that your business applications always get the resources they need to perform. 

Data Discovered


  • Application


  • Transactions 
  • Heap 
  • Response Time  
  • Threads 
  • Connection 
  • Remaining GC Capacity  

Actions Generated

  • Resize Heap (Recommendations Only) 
  • Resize Thread Pool (Recommendations Only) 
  • Resize Connection Capacity (Recommendations Only) 
  • Suspend VM (This action can only be executed by a VM hosted in a vCenter environment) 
  • Provision VM