JVM Application



Java Virtual Machine or JVM, serves as a run-time engine for Java applications. It is an abstract machine that runs on top of existing processes and can be implemented as hardware or software. Its two main functions is one, to grant Java programs the ability to run on any operating system or device, and two, to optimize and manage the programs memory. Turbonomic leverages the application metrics to make smarter resourcing decisions in the underlying infrastructure to ensure that your business applications always get the resources they need to perform. 

Data Discovered


  • Application
  • Virtual Machine


  • Heap 
  • Remaining GC Capacity  
  • Virtual Memory (VMem) 
  • Virtual CPU (VCPU) 

Actions Generated

  • Resize Heap (Recommendation Only) 
  • Resize Thread Pool (Recommendation Only) 
  • Resize Connection Capacity (Recommendation Only) 
  • Suspend VM (This action can only be executed by a VM hosted in a vCenter environment) 
  • Provision VM (Recommendation Only) 
  • Provision additional resources (VMem, VCPU) 
  • Move Virtual Machine 
  • Move Virtual Machine Storage 
  • Reconfigure Storage 
  • Reconfigure Virtual Machine 
  • Suspend VM 
  • Provision VM