Cisco Tetration


Cisco Tetration

In Private Preview with Turbonomic 8


Cisco Tetration is a hybrid-cloud workload protection platform from Cisco systems designed to secure compute instances in both the on-premises data center and the public cloud.

Turbonomic leverages the east-west traffic data between VMs that Tetration exposes in order to identify “chatty” workloads that should be placed more closely together (ex. on the same host) to minimize latency in the network. These placement decisions also account for storage and compute requirements. Resource decisions are never made in isolation, Turbonomic is continuously navigating the resource tradeoffs to make the best decisions for assuring performance.

Data Discovered


  • VPod: Group of VMs that frequently communicates, for example, multi-tier applications
  • DPod: Group of Physical Resources that are closely located, for example, blades in the same TOR Switch or UCS Domain.


  • VPod Memory
  • VPod CPU
  • VPod Storage
  • VPod Flow

Actions Generated

  • Move VPod across DPod
  • Move VM across VPods