In Private Preview with Turbonomic 8


Turbonomic can connect to NetFlow data collectors to gather information about traffic between VMs, hosts, and storage. Using this information, Turbonomic can build elements called “VPods” to manage performance related to network traffic. With these VPods, Turbonomic can reduce network latency through enhanced Flow analysis, and keep VMs close together on the network if they communicate frequently with each other.

Data Discovered


  • VPod: Group of VMs that frequently communicates, for example, multi-tier applications
  • DPod: Group of Physical Resources that are closely located, for example, blades in the same TOR Switch or UCS Domain.


  • VPod Memory
  • VPod CPU
  • VPod Storage
  • VPod Flow

Actions Generated

  • Move VPod across DPod
  • Move VM across VPods