Oracle WebLogic



Oracle WebLogic Server is a popular platform for building, deploying, and running enterprise applications that use Java, whether that be on-premises or in the cloud. It is one of the leading application servers in the industry and can be integrated with Oracle’s full product portfolio. Turbonomic can make intelligent recommendations to prevent resource starvation and performance degradation by integrating and collecting specific database metrics. 

Data Discovered


  • Server 
  • Applications 
  • Virtual Machines 


  • Transactions 
  • Virtual Memory  
  • Virtual CPU 
  • Heap 
  • Response Time 
  • Threads  
  • Connection 
  • Remaining GC Capacity 

Actions Generated

  • Resize Heap  
  • Resize Connection Capacity (Recommendation Only) 
  • Provision Additional Resources (VMem, VCPU) 
  • Move Virtual Machine 
  • Reconfigure Storage 
  • Suspend VM