Amazon Web Services



Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure platform in the cloud. For many, however, the promise of agility and elasticity often comes with a lack of insight into what is needed from an application resourcing perspective. This leads to poor performance and higher than budgeted bills.

Turbonomic continuously generates actions that optimize EC2 instances, RDS databases and EBS volumes based on real-time demand. Its prescribed actions assure performance, while minimizing cost. Additionally, Turbonomic manages your RI inventory, and prescribes actions that maximize RI utilization and coverage all through the lens of application performance.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machines (EC2 Instances)
  • Volumes
  • Database Servers
  • Zones
  • Regions


  • VM vCPU
  • VM vMemory (if enabled)
  • VM Storage Access (IOPS)
  • VM Net Throughput
  • VM I/O Throughput
  • VM Storage Amount
  • VM Reserved Instance Coverage
  • Database vMemory
  • Database vCPU
  • Database Storage Amount
  • Database IO Throughput
  • RI Inventory
  • RI Coverage

Actions Generated

  • Scale Up VM
  • Scale Down VM
  • Scale Up Database
  • Scale Down Database
  • Volume tier Scale Up
  • Volume tier Scale Down
  • Volume Size Up
  • Volume capacity modification (io1, io2, and gp3 only)
  • Delete unattached Volume
  • Buy RI for Region