Google Cloud Platform



Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a collection of public cloud offerings created and operated by Google. The platform is hosted and run-on Google hardware that is comprised of several hosted services for compute, storage, and application developments.  

Turbonomic’s software continuously matches application demand in real-time to all GCP’s configuration options. Automate actions confidently with Turbonomic, as performance is always put first. Turbonomic can Scale VMs and Reconfigure VMs by analyzing the VM resourcing and billing data. In addition, Turbonomic supports all Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) instances and has the ability to “stich” your GKE clusters to underlying GCP resources.  

For more information on what’s available currently and in future releases, check out our GCP Announcement Blog.

Data Discovered


  • Virtual Machines (EC2 Instances)
  • Volumes
  • Zones
  • Regions


  • VM vCPU
  • VM vMemory (if enabled)
  • VM Storage Access (IOPS)
  • VM Net Throughput
  • VM I/O Throughput

Actions Generated

  • Scale Up VM
  • Scale Down VM
  • Scale Up Database
  • Scale Down Database
  • Reconfigure VMs