Turbonomic Platform

Assure application performance

Today's modern application hosting platforms require continuous application performance. That is only possible when software makes resourcing decisions for you. Here's how Turbonomic delivers that.

Comprehensive Visibility

The only platform that understands the complete application stack.

Do you know how your applications are getting the resources they need? Only Turbonomic stitches your business-critical applications to the underlying supply chain of resources. From applications to containers to virtualization, cloud, and on-prem compute, storage, and network, Turbonomic understands the resource relationships at every layer and the risks to performance.

Understand the complete stack, from apps to hardware

Scope to any entity to understand how it consumes resources

Supports APM, any Kubernetes, cloud, hybrid and multicloud

Application-Driven Prioritization

Easily view your Top Business Applications and Top Transactions

With Turbonomic you can quickly see how your Top Business Applications and Top Business Transactions are performing, always in the context of the application stack.

Navigate to the applications seeing the greatest surges in demand

Quickly understand where performance risks exist


Analytics and Prescribed Actions

The only platform that provides actions you can trust to automate.

Turbonomic understands how your business applications and its components are getting resources from each tier of the application stack. It fully understands the resource relationships and performance risks and provides specific actions that prevent resource starvation.

Prescribed actions prevent resource starvation

Execute actions with a click, as part of a workflow, or in real time