Application Resource Management

Dynamically resource applications to meet ever-changing demand

Our software continuously makes resourcing decisions that ensure your applications always perform. Your applications get the compute, storage, and network they need, while automatically accounting for business constraints. Turbonomic gives you the answers, specific actions that can be automated when you are ready.

Software makes resourcing decisions for you

Specific actions you can safely automate when ready

Supports cloud native, cloud, hybrid and multicloud

Proven in the world's largest, most complex environments

Continuously Assure Performance with AI-Powered Software

Application resource management ensures your applications always get what they need to perform. 60% of customers say they improved application performance with Turbonomic.

Increase IT Productivity, Free Your Engineers to Innovate

Put our software to work for you. 90% of customers say they are able to focus on more strategic projects with Turbonomic assuring application performance for them. 

Unite Application & Infrastructure Teams with True Full-Stack Visibility

The same comprehensive visibility that ensures our actions can be safely automated, gives everyone a common understanding of how infrastructure impacts performance. 

Turbonomic has given back time in our day. Changes are made before a problem is created. That keeps applications moving smoothly, which improves productivity and keeps the end users happy – which makes our day easier.

- Shawn Robertson Platform Manager, First Acceptance Corp.

Imagine what Turbonomic Can Do for You

Our analytics determine timely resourcing actions that you can trust to automate. You can automate these actions at your own pace. We help our customers along on this journey. The more you automate the less your teams have to spend managing application resources.


Turn Data Into Resourcing Actions, Automate When You're Ready

Turbonomic works through APIs to discover your environment. Leveraging data that is already being exposed from your applications and infrastructure, the real-time analytics engine generates resourcing actions, which you can execute when and how you want: automatically in real time, manually (with a click), scheduled, or taken as part of an approval or DevOps workflow.

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Only Full-Stack, Multi-Resource Analysis Gives You Actions You can Trust

Don’t settle for one-dimensional threshold tools where you have to choose cost or CPU or Memory; or point solutions that consider the IaaS or CaaS or PaaS in isolation. Turbonomic is the only analytics platform that ensures a workload gets all the compute, storage, and network it needs in order to perform and accounts for resource demands at every layer of the stack. Because it understands the resource relationships between business applications, services, containers, pods, nodes, VMs, hosts, storage, HCI, network, etc., whether on-prem or in the cloud, you can trust its actions and safely automate them. For example it will never suggest scaling up or out, if there isn't capacity to support it. It will first tell you exactly how much capacity to provision in order to support the increasing demand.

Understand How Applications Consume Resources from Your Infrastructure

Trustworthy automation depends on a complete understanding of how your applications consume resources from the underlying infrastructure to ensures that resource decisions are never made in isolation. Otherwise, automation will break things. By mapping out the resource relationships at every layer of the applications-through-infrastructure stack, Turbonomic provides comprehensive and unified visibility to the multiple teams that support applications. Finally, Application and Developer teams can reference the same information as DevOps, SRE, Operations, and Infrastructure teams.


Give Teams the Information that Matters to Them, None of the Stuff that Doesn't

Your hybrid or multicloud environment is complex; a mixture of technologies old and new, supporting multiple Application, Developer, and Line of Business Teams. While Turbonomic has comprehensive visibility across all of it, it allows you to scope to views that matter to different teams. Application and Developer Teams want to see how their services are performing within their projects or namespaces; DevOps and SRE teams will want to focus on the health of their clusters; while Operations and Infrastructure Teams will focus largely on their IaaS platforms. However your organization is structured, every team can get the information that matters to them, knowing that the analytics and actions are accounting for the resource relationships across the stack.

Our Tech-Agnostic Platform Supports Our Customers Today & Tomorrow

Turbonomic is application, cloud, and infrastructure agnostic. It supports all major hypervisors, AWS, Azure, as well as all upstream versions of Kubernetes anywhere, including OpenShift, Azure AKS, Amazon EKS, and Google GKE. Whatever you have in your environment, we probably support it.