Performance Data Warehouse for AIOps

From Real Time to Over Time with Turbonomic Data Cloud

As applications become more complex, with more dependencies, and environments more diverse and distributed, the risk to application performance and user experience is growing exponentially. Application teams and infrastructure teams struggle to isolate and agree on the historical sources of performance issues and are unable to deliver a consistent, positive application and user experience.

Break down silos between application and infrastructure teams

Start Where You Want - Top-Down or Bottom-Up - to quickly analyze trends and anomalies

Enable teams to plan better together the future of their infrastructure

Every Team on the Same Page

Share pre-built dashboards across teams to visualize the impact of resource utilization on application performance over time.

"On the Fly" Analytics

Empower your teams to create and share customized, no-code dashboards with "on the fly" analytics of up to 13 months of performance data.

Quickly Associate Disparate Data

Leverage a robust, cloud-scale, time-series-based platform with unlimited tagging to deliver high-fidelity queries and views.

Analyze Your Performance Data "On The Fly"

Turbonomic Data Cloud ingests and analyzes streams of data from:

Turbonomic ARM

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Solutions
  • Infrastructure Performance Data
  • Detailed Application Supply Chain Knowledge
  • Turbonomic Actions / Recommendations

3rd Party Data

  • Native Support for Prometheus Metrics
  • Easily Extend to Analyze Additional Data Sources

Assuring Application Performance From Real Time to Over Time

Application & Infrastructure Teams Work Better Together

Enable application & infrastructure teams to collaborate together. Using pre-built dashboards, both teams can interact with the same data at the same time to gain insight and perspective.


Explore the Application Stack Your Way

Empower users to "start where they want" to quickly analyze trends and anomalies from their perspective - top down from the application down through the infrastructure, or bottom up – to spot trends before they become problems.


Plan More Effectively Across Teams

Empower teams to plan better together the future of their infrastructure based on a single source of truth of over a year’s worth of application supply chain-aware performance data.


Rapidly Adapt to Changing Requirements

Enable teams to rapidly adapt to changing requirements, with an extensible architecture designed to ingest any performance data with a metric, timestamp and value.

High-Frequency Ingestion

Cloud-scale data ingestion, analysis and visualization of highly diverse data

"On The Fly" Analytics

Change parameters at any time - Quickly determine outliers across diverse data sets

Built-In Dashboards

"Out of the Box" reports for App Performance, VM troubleshooting, Top CPU Ready Queues and more

“Start Where You Want”

Analyze performance data "Top-Down" or "Bottom-Up" from the same dashboard

Streaming Analytics

Near real-time streaming analytics at ingestion

“No-Code” Dashboards

Leverage unrestricted tagging to mine your data

13-Month Time Machine

Go back and forth in time with time correlated dashboards


Integrate your IT systems with a cloud-native, API-first architecture

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