How It Works

Turbonomic turns data into actions that continuously assure application performance.


Data is Collected via APIs, Completely Agentless

Turbonomic works through APIs to discover applications, platforms, and infrastructure in your environment. It pulls resource data that's already being exposed and sends that data to be processed by the software's analytics engine.


Analytics Process Data, Software Makes Decisions

Turbonomic applies economic principles of supply, demand, and price to manage application resources. It matches real-time resource demand to the underlying infrastructure supply. Applications get exactly the resources they need, when they need it.


Actions are Specific and Automatable

Turbonomic actions are specific and because they are specific they can be automated. Here's why you can trust the software's actions:

  • Turbonomic accounts for the full stack, understanding resource dependencies at every layer.
  • Turbonomic analysis is multi-dimensional, accounting for all the resources an application requires. It is not based on single-metric thresholds.
  • Turbonomic continuously analyzes application demand, which is dynamic and constantly fluctuating.


Actions Are Executed in Real Time (or Your Time) via APIs

Turbonomic actions can be executed in real-time, scheduled during your preferred change windows, or integrated into your existing workflows.