Turbonomic Delivers Continuous Performance With Industry’s Most Advanced Multicloud Kubernetes Management

Customers Can Dramatically Accelerate Application Modernization with New AI-Powered Features

Turbonomic has advanced its AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) platform with new features that maximize the agility and elasticity of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to ensure the Continuous Performance (CP) of cloud native applications at scale. Customers can now accelerate application modernization through:

  • Continuous Service Optimization in Kubernetes to automatically scale cloud native applications, containers, pods, and nodes based on real-time resource needs. Actions can be executed in real-time, or as part of an existing deployment process.
  • Fast and Accurate Container Planning to rapidly expand Kubernetes platforms through simulation of required capacity to onboard new services and accurately understand available headroom.

These features build on Turbonomic’s full stack visibility and control, stitching applications, PaaS, CaaS and IaaS to understand resource relationships and dependencies, and to ensure applications get the resources they need when they need them in order to perform.

Cloud native applications, while easier and faster to develop than traditional applications, are exponentially more complex to operate. Complexity and culture are cited as the top challenges to achieving modernization goals1 – which center on application modernization involving application rehosting, replatforming, and rewriting on hybrid and multicloud deployments, as well as increased use of PaaS and CaaS. As part of this, while microservice architectures and the CI/CD pipeline enable greater speed and agility, ensuring continuous application performance  becomes increasingly complex due to Kubernetes creating more components to manage and more frequent deployments. The common practice of over-provisioning resources to minimize performance risk frequently leads to cost overruns and costly performance issues, which stall application modernization initiatives.

“Container-enabled microservices, CI/CD toolchains and highly dynamic multicloud architectures are causing disruption, creating demand for new types of management approaches that leverage intelligent analytics and automation,” said Mary Johnston Turner, Research VP of Cloud Management at IDC, with regard to findings of the recent IDC Enterprise Plans for Container Management Survey.

Recognizing the significant value to be gained from an AI-powered platform that is continuously making the right decisions and taking precise actions to ensure the CP of applications, a leading identity security company chose Turbonomic to automate its container journey. In an effort to accelerate developer team speed with container adoption, the company is now looking to scale and expand to more services with the goal of replatforming all applications to Kubernetes within the next three years. Turbonomic is enabling the company to automate continuous container placement, with plans to introduce container resizing into the CI/CD pipeline.

Another example is one of the world’s leading sports betting technology and trading platforms. Delivering the best possible end user experience is essential in the company’s fiercely competitive online betting market. By continuously assuring application performance, Turbonomic enables the company to advance its container strategy, which includes using Kubernetes for real-time in-play bet analysis. The company provides analytics to other gambling sites, making continuous performance and response time critical.

“Achieving cloud economics requires simplifying the operation of cloud native applications through a top-down, application-driven approach. Only Turbonomic Application Resource Management delivers customers with unified, simplified, and elastic operations to enable the delivery of true cloud economics,” said Charles Crouchman, Chief Technology Officer at Turbonomic.

To learn more about container resizing and planning, watch this on-demand webinar, or read this report from IDC about optimizing container performance.

Additional Resources

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Turbonomic Application Resource Management continuously assures that applications get precisely the resources needed to ensure performance and lower cost while maintaining policy compliance. Privately held, Boston-based Turbonomic is one of the fastest-growing software companies, backed by leading venture firms including Bain Capital Ventures, General Atlantic, Globespan Capital Partners, Highland Capital Partners and Iconiq Capital. To learn more, visit turbonomic.com.




1 Turbonomic 2019 State of Multicloud Survey, March 2019