Turbonomic Releases

Find the latest Turbonomic updates, release notes, and user guides for the next-generation Turbonomic platform here. Please note, if you run into any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team here.

Updating Turbonomic

The best way to update Turbonomic is to update your existing deployment to a new version by performing an online update, which does not require downloading of the ISO file. The following video provides detailed instructions on how to perform an online update. As an alternative, you can also update using the ISO files on this page.  For more detailed instructions, please visit Updating Turbonomic to a New Version.

Quarterly Release

Download the stable quarterly release which includes major platform updates.

Current version is 8.6.0 | Release Notes
Released 27 Jul 2022

sha256sum: 5d6ab831b10cf88dfe9ce949ff32a6c710efcbf0bd093967076d164084154871
Update Only (ISO)

Latest Release

Download the latest release which includes fixes and incremental updates.

Current version is 8.6.0 | Release Notes
Released 27 July 2022

sha256sum: 5d6ab831b10cf88dfe9ce949ff32a6c710efcbf0bd093967076d164084154871


Visit the Turbonomic documentation site to explore install guides, usage guides, and partner documentation. 

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What's Different About Turbonomic 8?

A brand new architecture and peerless AIOps capabilities. Turbonomic 8 is a highly-scalable and available, microservices application. It can be deployed in a Kubernetes cluster or as an OVA. You then assign services running on your network to be Turbonomic targets. Turbonomic discovers the entities that each target manages, and then performs analysis, anticipates risks to performance or efficiency, and recommends actions you can take to avoid problems before they occur.