Agilysys Assures the Performance of the Guest Journey During an Azure Hybrid Cloud Transformation


Reduction in support tickets related to application performance and stability.


Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions.

About Agilysys

  • Leader in hospitality software for more than 40 years
  • 3000+ customers including the world’s most recognizable resort, casino, and cruise line brands
  • Strong track record for reliability; SaaS solutions always performing and always on with:


Delivering an Unmatched Guest Journey Through Digital Experiences

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, Agilysys is a technology and software solutions company exclusively focused on the hospitality industry. Their customers rely on them to enhance guest experiences, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve employee morale.

The Guest Journey is central to their business and spans bookings and reservations, arrivals and check-in, ordering services, and payment. rGuest and InfoGenesis are the SaaS-based applications behind these digital experiences. Architected for DevOps speed, these applications run on container platforms in Azure and they must always perform.

MTTR is not enough. They knew that true hybrid cloud scalability required a more automated approach. One that would prevent performance issues from happening in the first place.

Agilysys Migrates to Azure for Cloud Scalability and Realizes They Can Prevent Performance Issues

Agilysys began migrating applications to Azure to leverage the scalability and performance benefits of on-demand cloud resources. At the same time, they wanted to realize cost benefits and reduce complexity. As they began their migration, the IT operations team had three key business objectives:

  • Ensure applications always perform, for the best customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiency and prevent cost over runs
  • Reduce complexity

When they started moving workloads to Azure, however, rGuest and InfoGenesis applications began experiencing performance and stability issues. Turbonomic was initially brought in to provide visibility, helping Agilysys IT understand the resource relationships between their microservice applications running in container platforms and the underlying infrastructure. While this level of insight enabled the IT and Application Teams to minimize the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR), they knew that true hybrid cloud scalability required a more automated approach. One that would prevent performance issues from happening in the first place.

With Turbonomic, Agilysys reduced the number of performance and stability incidents from 120 per day, to just one per day.

Turbonomic Assures Application Performance in Azure While Reducing Complexity for Agilysys IT Operations

In addition to applications-to-infrastructure visibility, Turbonomic provides resourcing actions that prevent performance issues by dynamically matching application demand with resources, on-prem or in the cloud.

Upon implementing the Turbonomic actions (with a click) the IT operations team saw a decrease in application performance issues. As they gained confidence in the software's resourcing decisions, they automated the actions and saw drastic performance and stability improvements, reducing the number of performance and stability incidents from 120 per day to once per day.

With Turbonomic they were able to achieve all three of their business objectives for migrating to Azure cloud. By having software make the right resourcing decisions for them, Agilysys IT is continuously assuring the performance of their applications, while minimizing cost and operational complexity.

“Having used Turbonomic in a previous company, I knew first-hand how Turbonomic provided visibility and insights into application performance. I brought Turbonomic into Agilysys as we rearchitected applications using containers on the Azure cloud. Turbonomic not only provided us the visibility, but it also prevented stability and performance issues as we automated the actions. We were able to dramatically reduce the number of daily performance issues, plus we were able to reduce our Azure spend and complexity.”

Steven Hayes
Senior Manager – Cloud Engineering

Agilysys is Putting Smart Software to Work in a Hybrid Cloud World

Agilysys started using Turbonomic for their Azure environment and is now expanding their use of the platform as they continue to execute their hybrid cloud strategy.

  • Delivering more automation to prevent application performance issues and reduce manual time required to assure application performance for on-premises workloads
  • Leverage Turbonomic for RI purchases and manage RI inventory to further optimize Azure spend
  • Plan migrations from data center to data center to optimize their environments and reduce the overall data center footprint around the world
  • Responsibly plan on-premises to Azure migrations to understand future spend and resource needs

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