Houston Methodist Improves Performance & Maintains Compliance with Turbonomic


Automated 2500 VMs and 250 datastores and saw improvements in the environment.


Achieved on-demand capacity management with Turbonomic.


Automatically assures compliance with Turbonomic intelligent workload placement.

About Houston Methodist

A century old non-profit health care organization located in Houston, Texas, Houston Methodist is dedicated to excellence in research, education and patient care.

Consistently ranked as “One of America’s Best Hospitals” according to U.S. News & World Report, the system is comprised of seven hospitals as well as many other health care service locations, including emergency care, imaging and outpatient centers.

Houston Methodist has more than 17,000 employees, over 4,500 physicians and 1,960 operating beds.


Improving Performance in the Face of Increasing Complexity

Brian Simon, Systems Architect at Houston Methodist, has been with the hospital for more than a decade, and oversees the system’s centralized data center. An all IBM shop, including servers and storage, Simon leverages VMware vSphere ESX throughout his more than 80% virtualized environment, supporting over 2,500 VMs across the entire system.

Simon’s environment was not a simple one, and with the health of the entire hospital system riding on it, lags in performance were simply not an option. “We were receiving a great deal of complaints particularly centered around storage performance in our test environment,” said Simon. “We needed a way to improve that performance with what we already had, without throwing more hardware at the problem.”

“Within just a few days, we saw improvements in our environment and are now automating over 2,500 VMs and 250 datastores. The largest impact on my day-to-day by far has been being able to get time back to work on other projects.”

Brian Simon
Systems Architect
Houston Methodist

Taking Control with Fully Automated Resourcing Actions

“We were looking for greater control over our environment and during our search we came across Turbonomic,” said Simon. “In less than an hour it had discovered my entire environment and was already making recommendations.” Within days of the quick and easy deployment, Simon was seeing dramatic improvements, specifically in the test environment. “I fully automated and never looked back,” said Simon. “We were able instead to utilize what we already had much more efficiently.”

Not only has Simon been able to avoid additional hardware costs, but he and his team have seen incredible returns in the time saved by not having to consistently combat performance issues within their environment “The largest impact on my day-to-day by far has been being able to get time back to work on other projects,” said Simon. “Every day, I seem to find new ways it can help make my job easier.”

“In an environment as complex as ours, we found that monitoring and manually taking vMotions alone were not enough. Since we automated, Turbonomic has enabled us to scale with confidence and become more proactive. It’s eliminated alerts and the break-fix loop from our operations, helping us to work smarter.”

Brian Simon
Systems Architect
Houston Methodist

Managing Capacity on Demand, Maintaining Compliance Automatically

Since deploying Turbonomic in his environment, Simon has seen incredibly positive feedback from his users on the performance of virtualized servers, further reinforcing the decision to purchase the platform. “When large requests come in, Turbonomic’s capacity planning tool helps us to ensure we are able to accommodate the resources being requested.”

Being a large health care organization, Houston Methodist has numerous compliance and privacy rules they must abide by, including but not limited to HIPAA, PCI and SOX regulations. Turbonomic automatically accounts for security and compliance policies or restraints which have been placed on a workload, leaving one less thing for Simon to spend valuable time worrying about. “We use the cluster merge with group policies to define disaster recovery datastores and ensure compliance of all workloads,” said Simon. “We know what we need not only to be appropriately prepared for the future but to be in accordance with compliance regulations all the time.”

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