Metrostar Systems Controls AWS Cloud Complexity While Saving Hundreds of Hours of Labor


Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions.


Reduction in cloud waste by having Turbonomic optimize storage automatically.


Eliminated hundreds of hours of manual labor.

About Metrostar Systems

MetroStar Systems makes information shine . The company provides information technology services and consulting primarily to government clients. MetroStar’s service portfolio includes leading and emerging technology solutions through their Cyber, Digital, and Enterprise IT practice areas.



Realizing that Time-Consuming Manual Reviews Cannot Address Cloud Complexity

The operations team at MetroStar Systems, a longstanding Turbonomic customer for their on premises infrastructure, was under executive direction to up-level their management approach in AWS. One of the core tenants of MetroStar’s new approach was to leverage automation to augment their IT staff. They had to assure application performance in AWS while easing the burden of operations on IT.

After turning to Turbonomic, the MetroStar team got the results they were looking for, instantaneously. By automating Turbonomic AWS storage tier optimization recommendations, they rapidly saw a 25% reduction in waste. Furthermore, they continue to see improvements around performance and policy compliance as Turbonomic continues to automate the environment in the background.

With Turbonomic IT operations assumed responsibility for 12 new customer environments without having to grow the team.

Metrostar Responsibly Migrates More Customer Environments to AWS

Soon after implementing Turbonomic for their AWS environment, the operations team was given ownership of a dozen customer environments which needed to be migrated. Turbonomic enabled the team to quickly analyze potential migrations between these estates and AWS, and execute these migrations without impacting performance and while abiding by business compliance policies. Turbonomic migration planning reduces time, uncertainty, and eliminates risk from the equation by rapidly recommending the optimal AWS resources on which to run. With Turbonomic the operations team assumed responsibility for these environments without growing the team.

"Turbonomic is absolutely one of our mission-critical tools, and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone - onpremises in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment."

John Belcher
Principle Infrastructure Engineer
Metrostar Systems

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