Seminole Public County Schools Saves $80,000 While Fostering Innovation with Turbonomic


Saved $80,000 by intelligently consolidating workloads as part of
their migration plan to new Cisco UCS hardware.

1 week

Saw performance improvements within
1 week of executing Turbonomic actions.


About SCPS

  • K-12 school system with than 67,000 students and 10,000 employees.
  • 12th largest school district in Florida, 60th nationally
  • A leader in education throughout Central Florida and the State and is widely recognized as a Premier National School District.




Over 67,000 Students and 10,000 Employees Rely on Seamlessly Functioning IT

Supporting over 67,000 students, the team at Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) is no stranger to the complexities of managing a virtualized infrastructure. The K-12 Florida school system faces particularly dynamic workload spikes during the months of August and September, when the school year begins. From supporting Student Information Systems (SIS), to facilitating mission-critical file transfers, to allowing for digital grade entry and reporting, a seamlessly functioning IT infrastructure is integral to enabling SCPS to fulfill the needs of its students, teachers, and administrators.

Ken Richmond came to SCPS with a background in Hyper-V systems management, and found the task of managing an inherited VMware infrastructure with no prior experience to be quite daunting. “The knowledge gap for me was around best practices,” Ken shared. “While I could administer just fine, design, architecture, monitoring and configuring were quite difficult.”

Combining this difficult situation with pre-existing performance and connectivity issues, there was a clear need for a supplemental management platform. Intrigued by Turbonomic’s unique economic scheduling engine, Ken downloaded and installed the technology to test its abilities in the context of his challenges.

In a matter of hours, Turbonomic had already provided the Network Operations team with valuable decisions to improve performance and eliminate problems from the SCPS environment, particularly with regards to memory congestion and IO utilization.

Over the course of the week, many of the issues that had plagued the Network Operations team in the past began to disappear.

Realizing Immediate Performance Improvements After Executing Turbonomic Resourcing Actions

Following the initial positive results, the team decided to automate Turbonomic’s
recommended vMotions within scheduled windows throughout the day. Over the
course of the week, many of the issues that had plagued the Network Operations
team in the past began to disappear. “All of the performance complaints we were
getting with regards to our applications were just going away,” Ken shared. As time
went on, the team began leveraging additional automation capabilities such as
storage vMotions, seeing increased value almost instantly.

“Turbonomic helped us fix the problems we knew we had and ones we didn’t know
had solutions,” said Ken. “It’s helped us stretch our resources and doesn’t require
the district to hire a VMware specialist.”

“Within hours of installing, Turbonomic had already started to collect information and make suggestions to improve performance within our environment...the longer we let it run, the better off it was.”

Ken Richmond
Systems Analyst
Seminole Public County Schools

“The trick to IT in K-12 is that all of your solutions have to be flexible, and allow you to respond to business needs,” says Richmond. “With Turbonomic, we can do just that.”

Responsibly Modernizing Infrastructure with Intelligent Capacity Management

Today, the team is focused on migrating their virtualization platform from VMware to Hyper-V, and uses Turbonomic to plan for this transformation. With Turbonomic’s real-time capacity management simulator, Ken was able to determine the best course of action when migrating from old Dell hosts to new Cisco UCS blades, learning that they could consolidate from 12 hosts down to 3. “That discovery just floored everybody,” Ken said, and will enable the Network Operations team to save nearly $80,000. These funds can now be reallocated to new projects focused on innovation, such as collapsing and centralizing much of their remote site infrastructure to enable more unified IT management.

At SCPS, Turbonomic initially filled a knowledge gap, helping the team gain more intelligent insight into their environment. Now, it functions as a hands-off enabler and allows the team to maintain the health of the virtualized infrastructure with minimal effort so that they can continue to advance the platforms they leverage and the services delivered to end-users. As Ken explained, in a field as dynamic as education, the most valuable solutions allow IT teams to adapt to continuously changing demands. “The trick to IT in K-12 is that all of your solutions have to be flexible, and allow you to respond to business needs,” he stated. “With Turbonomic, we can do just that.”

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