Sharp HealthCare Ensures Mission-Critical Applications Always Perform for the Best Patient Care


Increase in infrastructure utilization while improving application performance.

12 months

To realize several hundred thousand dollars in licensing cost savings with Turbonomic.


Performance assurance with software continuously making the resource decisions.

About Sharp Healthcare

Sharp HealthCare is San Diego’s leading health care provider with a mission to improve the health of those they serve and a commitment to excellence in all they do.

  • 2,600 Doctors
  • 18,000 Employees
  • Four Acute-Care Hospitals
  • Three Specialty Hospitals
  • Three Affiliated Medical Groups
  • Spectrum of Other Facilities & Services


Sharp Depends on High Performing Medical Applications to Drive Positive Results

Sharp HealthCare is San Diego’s leading health care provider with a mission to improve the health of those they serve and a commitment to excellence in all they do. Sharp is a not-for-profit organization, which means all of their resources and investments are focused on delivering the highest quality, patient-centered care, using the latest medical technology to provide superior service.

Their applications must always perform. It means better medical care for patients by improving patient outcomes with reduced medical errors and increasing physician and staff productivity.

Sharp was able to improve efficiencies by 64% while improving application performance.

Assuring Performance and Reclaiming Resources to Put Towards Innovation

Sharp HealthCare IT is responsible for the mission-critical applications that tsupport medical services, insurance offerings, and business functions. These applications are over 90% virtualized across three data centers.

Prior to using Turbonomic, IT fulfilled the resource requests of Application Teams without an insight into the true needs of the deployments. As a result, some applications were experiencing performance issues, while the infrastructure overall was underutilized.

Teri Moraga, who lead the IT Infrastructure team, asked Bryant Tom, manager of the server team, and lead engineer, Thomas Rothstein, to address these resourcing and performance issues. They brought in Turbonomic to help.

Turbonomic and the Sharp HealthCare IT team worked closely together to analyze application performance and infrastructure resourcing. Turbonomic software highlighted opportunities where VM:Host density could easily be increased by 64% without any degradation to application performance. Additionally, the IT team was able to use Turbonomic on new applications to assure their performance from day one. In addition to application performance benefits, the IT team was able to show a reduction in licensing and maintenance costs of several hundred thousand dollars over the first 12 months of operation.

The Sharp server team viewed their role as an engine for business transformation. By assuring performance and gaining efficiencies, Sharp HealthCare can shift investment to innovation enables better patient care and experiences.

“Partnering with Turbonomic, we were able to free infrastructure teams to focus on higher-value projects that provide value to the business. We bridged the gap between siloed application and IT teams to increase productivity and transparency.”

Bryant Tom
Manager Disttributed Systems Support
Sharp HealthCare

Ready for Cloud and Containers

Moving forward, as Sharp HealthCare’s cloud strategy matures, Turbonomic offers a key role in assuring application performance for all workloads and Sharp is looking to leverage additional Turbonomic capabilities:

  • Delivering more automation to prevent application performance risk proactively and reduce manual time required to support application resource management.
  • Supporting application performance assurance on containerized workloads when applicable to Sharp’s IT strategy.
  • Ensuring performance, policy adherence and cost efficiency of public cloud workloads as implemented by Sharp.

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