The ARM of Automation with Ben Nye


Ben Nye

CEO of Turbonomic, an IBM Company

Jerry Cuomo

IBM Fellow, VP, and CTO of IBM Automation

About podcast

Turbonomic CEO Ben Nye joins IBM Fellow, Jerry Cuomo, for Episode 16 of The Art of Automation Podcast. They discuss the concept of “ARM” (Application Resource Management) and how it can be used to save companies 30% on their cloud infrastructure bills. Ben explains that the infamous “spinning wheel of death” (which often comes when applications are being starved of resources) can effectively be eliminated when a company uses ARM technology to automate optimal resource allocation. He clarifies this point with an analogy of an auction or negotiation, where applications bid on and trade resources, depending on their needs. Finally, Ben shares how ARM is saving enormous amounts of energy in data centers, reducing carbon emissions and an enterprise’s impact on our climate.
Art by Kylee Barnard.