EMA Research Report: The Self-Driving Data Center in 2021

The SDC in 2021 Cover

The continuous automatic optimization of end-to-end application stacks can free up 50% of operator time by shattering the proportional relationship between adding more application capabilities and requiring additional human operators.

If the required data streams are available, the self-driving data center (SDC) can free up the approximately 50% of data center and cloud infrastructure resources that are currently wasted through overprovisioning.

The concept of the self-driving data center aims at automatically optimizing the performance, cost, compliance, reliability, and security of the overall application stack based on business requirements.

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You'll learn:

  • The business case for SDC
  • 5 key characteristics of SDC
  • The criticality of SDC to support the increasing complexity of application stacks, cloud native architecture, and cloud infrastructure
  • The vendors who will thrive (and not survive) in the burgeoning SDC landscape