Hey Dev, DevOps, & IT, Do you CI/CD/CP?

Organizations leverage cloud native DevOps and CI/CD to unleash Developer speed. But often what starts out as a pilot project, stalls due to organizational silos and difficulty operating at scale. Join us as we dig into some of these challenges.

Whether you’re the one working to expand DevOps across your organization, the developer starting to reap the benefits of these efforts, or the Infrastructure/Operations engineer that’s doing your best to support these efforts, there’s something for you. We’ll discuss the importance of having a single unified platform that brings all these teams together—yes, it does exist.

You will learn:

  • There are more stakeholders involved in the success of DevOps than you might think
  • How a single unified platform can bridge Dev, DevOps, and IT teams
  • How to assess whether you CI/CD/CP (or not)