7 Steps to Getting Started with Kubernetes

What are the most important things to ensure successful implementation and Day 2 operations with Kubernetes? Join Eric Wright, Turbonomic Technology Evangelist and long-time Kubernetes advocate and open source contributor to hear about how to increase your chances of a successful adoption of Kubernetes at any scale. This on-demand webinar is geared towards both newcomers to the Kubernetes ecosystem and those who are already underway with adoption and looking for tips and tools to increase success in the popular container scheduling platform.

You'll Learn:

  • Why now is the (perhaps surprisingly) ideal time to adopt Kubernetes
  • Which packaged Kubernetes frameworks are changing the game of “Build or Buy?”
  • How cloud-based and managed Kubernetes has become the first choice for many, and which one is best
  • How are teams adapting to Kuberenetes and what intangible benefits (and challenges) you’ll face
  • Metal, VM, Managed, or DIY – Which is right for you?