Customer Quarterly featuring Data Cloud

Have you broken-down the silos between your team and application owners? How many 32-GB, 16-vCPU machines have you begrudgingly provisioned, knowing those resources weren't necessary—but were unable to prove it?

What if you had the data to visualize and report resource needs for any application in your environment—at any point in time?

Watch this webinar where we discuss how our new Data Warehouse can help you optimize your investment in Turbonomic Application Resource Management by providing insight into application response times, resource utilization, and ARM performance actions at any point in time.

See how our new Data Warehouse will help you:

  • COLLABORATE: Break down silos between your application and infrastructure teams. Using pre-built dashboards, both teams can interact with a single set of data at the same time to gain insight and perspective that spans from applications down to the infrastructure.
  • ANALYZE: Empower your users to “start where they want” to quickly analyze trends and anomalies from their perspective – either top down from the application down through the infrastructure, or bottom up – to spot trends before they become problems.
  • PLAN: Enable your teams to plan better together the future of their infrastructure based on a single source of truth with “on the fly” analysis of application supply chain-aware performance data.
  • ADAPT: Enable your teams to rapidly adapt their monitoring strategies to changing requirements, with an extensible architecture designed to ingest any 3rd party data with a metric, timestamp and value.