How O.C. Tanner Uses K8s to Deliver an Innovation-First PaaS

If you’re operating Kubernetes as part of your modern application hosting service, having a common perspective with your application teams is critical. O.C. Tanner is providing a self-service PaaS to their Developers. Built upon Kubernetes, it makes it easy for developers to deploy code into production while taking care of compliance, authorization, auditing, add-on services like databases, etc.

Watch this webinar where we discuss how they’re leveraging Kubernetes and the new Turbonomic 8 to enable Developer agility and app ownership. We encourage lots of questions and open discussion.

You will learn:

  • How O.C. Tanner is using Turbonomic for their Platform as a Service offering to bridge the gap between Dev and Cloud teams.
  • What’s new in Turbonomic 8, including application-centric views of your K8s infrastructure and new graphs that enable you to confidently automate dynamic resourcing in your next-gen platforms.
  • How O.C. Tanner plans to leverage Turbonomic 8 to deliver a fully automated, AI-powered, self-service PaaS.