How to Get Cloud Optimization Done Right, and Done Continuously

Cloud complexity and the monthly cloud bill got you down? Struggling to fully realize agility and elasticity? Starting to notice that your cloud cost tool…can’t deliver?

Cloud optimization is not easy. Embracing the opportunity to use cloud as a living, breathing ecosystem that scales, grows, and shrinks, can add tremendous value to your company’s business. With the public cloud’s OpEx billing models, however, the risk to paying per minute for vastly under-utilized resources contends with the daily need to ensure our applications are fulfilling their business-value commitments. The not-so-shocking result: organizations are over allocating resources as a method of risk mitigation—after all, performance and great end-user experiences are paramount.

Join us as we discuss the best practices and must-haves for continuous cloud optimization. You’ll come away with tangible next steps to help you commit to using cloud to its true elastic potential, implementing an ongoing model where automation and analytics can continuously ensure your cloud environment is always performant, and always free of waste.