Cloud Best Practices: A Guide for IT Executives Seeking to Transform Their Business Through Cloud

Cloud Best Practices Book Cover_IBM

It’s the 7th of the month and your CFO just received another large cloud bill. Again.

Like many times before, your cloud costs have reached an all-time high much sooner than predicted or budgeted for. Sounds familiar?

You are not alone.

Almost every organization tells us this same story. Top talents, the technical movers and shakers of the company, are pulled away from key tasks to fix cloud-related issues. Despite proactive and even heroic efforts, cloud bills are still running amok and any changes you make may put application performance at risk. The glorified promises of cloud benefits and savings are not being seen—instead, customers become trapped in an endless “break-fix” loop as they strive for transformative cloud optimization.

Download this Cloud Best Practices guide to break the "break-fix" loop and lead your enterprise to cloud success!


  • An executive roadmap to aggressively adopt public cloud while responsibly managing costs
  • Best practices for CIOs to define a clear cloud strategy and align your organization to execute well
  • Key insights to help enforce compliance, select the best cloud provide for your business, and more!