Microsoft Azure IaaS Solutions

microsoft azure

Get a handy guide to powerful core offerings on the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform. Eric Wright, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic, leads systems administrators and architects though common terms, design patterns, and specific examples of how to deploy Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions for compute, network, and storage.

By the end of this eBook, you’ll be able to manage your Azure IaaS solution, including virtual machines and storage, using both the Azure CLI and the Azure Portal interface. You’ll understand the implications and requirements for security, identity, and access management. This guide also includes in-depth resources for exploring the services and technical examples further.


  • Deploy an Azure virtual machine and learn how it compares to on-premises virtualization
  • Learn architectural features of the Azure cloud, such as geographic regions, availability zones, and Service Level Agreements
  • Explore Azure storage basics, including tiers, features, resiliency options, and capabilities
  • Delve into deployment patterns and replication options for increasing the availability and recoverability of Azure storage workloads
  • Examine how Azure handles identity and access management, such as providing or preventing access to resources