Why AIOps? Application Performance

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In the Modern Application Era, where upwards of two- thirds of all GDP is now digital, Application Performance is singularly the highest priority for CIOs because the application is the business. Delivering applications is the primary reason IT exists. The CIO, who heads IT, has no choice but to deliver application performance to assure the business is never constrained by IT. In fact, the CIO is considered a failure when not delivering application performance; ironically, it is very reasonable for a CIO to exceed their planned budget. In short, failing to assure application performance damages the business. What’s challenging is the applications that congest first and longest are the applications with the greatest surges in demand (oftentimes the most valuable apps).

In this whitepaper, we explore the growing pressure point for application performance, and why the prevailing strategy of cloud and private infrastructure resource over-provisioning is not only increasingly costly, but also unnecessary. We'll explain in detail the new AI-powered method of Application Resource Management, and how you can use it to assure application performance, enforce compliance, and lower costs at all times.


  • Overview of macroeconomic trends that are shifting IT investment to application performance and user experience
  • Prevailing over-provisioning strategies for assuring application performance and the challenge of scaling them into the future
  • Prioritization methods for shared resource allocation and the limits of scripted automation
  • Public Cloud resource management complexity and an application-driven approach to solving it
  • A detailed exploration of Turbonomic's AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) and more!