Turbonomic SaaS

AWS Cloud Optimization. Fully managed for you.

Get all the performance and cost benefits of Application Resource Management in your AWS cloud estate, with Turbonomic deployed and managed securely, reliably and scalably as a service.

AWS Continuous Performance & Cost Optimization Made Even Easier

Our software automatically manages AWS performance and cost for you.

  • Scales your compute and database instances based on real-time consumption.
  • Matches your RIs to the right instance templates and helps you continuously purchase the right RIs.
  • Identifies and removes wasted storage.

With managed software upgrades, our IT Operations Team ensures you always have the latest functionality. All your data is centrally and securely stored, and easy to delete upon request.


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For a cloud estate of any scale, continuous application resource management is critical to achieve true elasticity and agility. Turbonomic SaaS automatically provides continuous resourcing actions for AWS compute and database assets, RI optimization, as well as actions to eliminate unused cloud storage. All actions are based on application demand, assuring performance while enforcing business compliance and increasing efficiency.

App-Driven Automation Assures Performance, So You Can Innovate

Turbonomic software integrates with Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, leveraging application data to make smarter optimization decisions in the cloud. Software assures application performance, while complete visibility into the application stack bridges the gap between Application and Infrastructure teams.

Learn more about our integrations with APM tools.


“Demand for IT operations management SaaS is being driven by the need to manage applications and infrastructure in dynamic public cloud and multicloud environments supporting digital and customer-facing applications. Managing performance, availability, cost, capacity, and service quality across this rapidly evolving technology stack and evolving application architectures continues to be an important requirement, although difficult to achieve.”

Mary Johnston Turner, Research VP of Cloud Management at IDC