Continuous cloud optimization

Achieve real business outcomes with cloud optimization you can automate, continuously.

Unified platform delivers optimization for all app resources

Cloud Compute Optimization 

Turbonomic automatically determines the correct VM instance type for your cloud application workloads.

The following metrics are considered for every compute scaling decision:

  • VCPU
  • VMem
  • Network & Storage IO
  • Throughput
  • Reserved Instance Inventory
  • Pricing/Discounts
  • Disk count, quota, available region capacity, and more

Turbonomic provides the only cloud compute optimization with IOPs-, reservation-, and discount-aware scaling!

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Cloud Storage Optimization

Turbonomic evaluates throughput and IOPs demand to scale to the perfect storage solution for each individual disk:

  • Scale between storage tiers
  • Scale within storage tiers
  • Size up volumes for higher IOPs capacity
  • Modify IOPs or Throughput capacity on IO1/IO2/Azure Ultra, with no downtime
  • Delete unattached storage devices

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Cloud DBaas Optimization

The ability to scale databases, often times with zero downtime, allows us to take advantage of PaaS more completely. We can scale database resources exactly when the application needs them, without paying for un-used database capacity when it doesn’t.

Azure SQL Database Scaling
Turbonomic optimizes Azure SQL Databases, continuously evaluating real-time demand and generating actions to:

  • Scale Between Azure Database Tiers
  • Scale Within Azure Database Tiers
  • Size Up/Down Database Volumes

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AWS RDS Scaling
Turbonomic can continuously analyze vCPU, vMem, DB Cache Hit Rate, Storage Amount, and IOPS, in order to generate specific scale up or scale down actions, which include:

  • A change in the compute tier
  • A change in the storage tier
  • A change in the Storage Amount
  • A change in the Provisioned IOPS (for the io1 storage type)
  • Any combination of these actions, with only one downtime

Reserved Instance Optimization

Managing RIs on AWS or Azure, or AWS savings plans can be a complicated and time-consuming undertaking, but can yield up to 70% savings.

Purchasing RIs for oversized VMs will result in oversized RIs, and will lead to persistent infrastructure due to the long-term commitment requirement.

Turbonomic provides specific and automatable RI-aware compute scaling actions to increase existing RI inventory utilization. Turbonomic RI purchasing actions, which are based on observed utilization, maximize reservation-to-VM coverage to minimize costs and increase overall savings.

Turbonomic automatically ingests and displays negotiated discount rates as part of an AWS EDP or Microsoft Azure Enterprise Agreement.

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Kubernetes Optimization

Any Cloud, Any Flavor. Supports any upstream version of Kubernetes, optimizing the platform on any cloud for performance and cost with the following actions.

Container Rightsizing

Scale container limits/requests up or down based on application demand—execute in real-time or with a DevOps workflow.

Continuous Pod Moves

Automatically (and non-disruptively) move pods to avoid resource congestion and defragment the cluster.

Intelligent Cluster Scaling

When pods have too little or too much cluster capacity Turbonomic will give the action to provision / suspend nodes.

Container Planning

Simulate how to optimize the existing environment to unlock capacity for growth; onboard more applications faster!

Supported clouds and services


Azure Managed Disks

Azure Resources Groups

Azure SQL

Azure Scale Sets

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure VM Service

Azure Availability Sets

Azure EKS


Amazon EC2

Amazon EBS

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

Amazon RDS

Amazon EKS




Google Cloud

Google GKE

Google Managed Instance Group

Google Cloud Engine (GCE)







Why choose Turbonomic

Trustworthy actions

The complexity of today’s modern applications and cloud resourcing requires software to make the right decisions, continuously—decisions based on all the resources that an application requires.

Turbonomic analysis considers metrics and context across application performance, CPU, memory, storage, cost, network, and compliance constraints.


Only Turbonomic provides specific actions that prevent performance risk and cloud waste. Automation at scale necessitates a proactive approach. Integrate with any pipeline, IaC, ITSM, or communication tool in your organization!

  • Ansible
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • Puppet
  • Slack
  • Terraform

…and more!

Business impact you can see

Application context is critical to operationalizing automation. With it, cloud teams confidently automate because App / Product Owners and the LOB can see exactly how dynamic resourcing ensures great end-user experiences. Correlate application response-time or transaction throughput to dynamic resourcing. Turbonomic integrates with…

  • Instana
  • Dynatrace
  • New Relic
  • AppDynamics
  • And more!

…No APM? No problem. We’ve got you covered with native solutions.

What Our Customers Say

"As we accelerate our digital transformation and transition to the next generation architecture, Turbonomic provides a way to ensure and gain direct insight into the performance of our business applications."

Managing Director, Infrastructure at a Top 5 US-Based Bank

Because we had the partnership with Turbonomic, it expedited our ability to execute. It helped us tell the story and gave us better data. Instead of it being a two or three-year journey for people to start to conceptualize that cloud is elastic, we showed how we could use the cloud to better manage costs and performance.”

Bryan de Boer, Executive Director at Providence Health & Services

"We have lots of APM, management and monitoring tools but in terms of giving me the exact recommendations what do I need to do and what actions to take, there is nothing like that - except for Turbonomic. Humans are not sustainable for optimization, it requires Turbonomic.”

Director, Cloud Adoption and Optimization at a Leading Multinational Professional Services Company