App-Centric Automation

Customer experience is critical to the digital business. With Turbonomic you and your organization can directly correlate the automation of application resourcing to the customer experience. Integrating Turbonomic with your APM solution or add custom SLO metrics with our purpose-built data integration framework.

Show how automation improves customer experience.

Correlate app response-time or transaction throughput to dynamic resourcing. Turbonomic integrates with Instana, Dynatrace, New Relic, AppDynamics, and more. Your end-users and the business will thank you.

Build trust with App Owners to accelerate automation.

Application context is critical to operationalizing automation. With it, Cloud and IT teams can confidently automate because App / Product Owners and the LOB can see exactly how dynamic resourcing ensures great end-user experiences.

Maximize cloud native investments with SLO-driven automation.

Got cloud native microservices? You can set your Service Level Objective (SLO) and Turbonomic will horizontally scale application services as well as the underlying compute resources to automatically and continuously meet the SLO.

Success Stories


Maintains low app response-times even as dynamic demand fluctuates.

Today Turbonomic is assuring the performance of SulAmerica's 57 mission-critical applications, while simplifying operations. The IT team understands that customer experience is essential to SulAmérica’s business. When they think about performance assurance, they feel ownership, not just for uptime, but application response time. As such, connecting Turbonomic to their APM was a natural choice; it allowed them to see exactly how the automation was keeping response times low, even as demand across applications fluctuated.


Uses Turbonomic with AppDynamics to ensure Black Friday success

Carhartt is using Turbonomic with AppDyanamics, connecting applications to infrastructure automation. Watch how they delivered the best customer experience and assured there was no delay in transactions during Black Friday.

Featured Resource

"Many organizations continue to grapple with using multiple, siloed technologies to identify and remediate application performance problems."

— Stephen Elliot, Program Vice President, Management Software and DevOps, IDC

IDC Report: Continuously Ensure App Performance

In a DevOps and multicloud world, ensuring application performance is more complex — and application performance is more critical than ever for a better customer experience. With application resource management, IT and application teams continuously ensure performance at every layer of the infrastructure stack.

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