COVID-19 VDI Initiatives

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Citrix and VMware are enabling customers to rapidly expand VDI licensing to get remote workers connected to their work resources. As enterprises, agencies and organizations rapidly expand their VDI deployments, user performance is critical. Turbonomic has helped a number of the world’s largest companies navigate to mandatory WFH directives during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Turbonomic platform accelerates planning and sizing of initial resource requirements and through our AI-driven automation can eliminate the complexity of maintaining performance for all users during an influx of new users and changing workload patterns.  We are here to help and support all customers during this unprecedented period of change.

Application-Driven Decisions

Turbonomic uses application demand as the driver for making resource decisions. Applications always get the resources they need when they need them.

Full-stack Automation

 Multi-tiered applications run on a stack of diverse technologies managed by different teams. Turbonomic provides full stack visibility and automation.

Continuous Performance Everywhere

 Our top-down approach, uses application demand as the catalyst for managing resources on any public cloud, private cloud, or virtualized infrastructure.

Supported Platforms

VDI is one of the most latency-sensitive and challenging environments to operate successfully. In a world where delayed application response is affecting the success of workforce, knowledge workers, and development teams, getting real-time access to resources in a complex dynamic environment is beyond human scale. Turbonomic automation continuously drives the health of large scale VDI environments, freeing up staff to work on other tasks.

Discover the Difference

Quick and Accurate Planning

Turbonomic lets you visualize real-time workload interdependencies, relationships, and important IT policies in your environment. Using this information, Turbonomic can quickly simulate any change to the entire environment, eliminating the need for static allocation-based manual planning.


Seamlessly Execute Plans

Once you have chosen a plan, let Turbonomic execute in real-time. The platform will manage to the plan automatically moving, scaling, starting, and stopping IT resources in the full stack preventing risk and eliminating unplanned interruptions during implementation.

Continuous Optimization and Control

Turbonomic continuously makes micro-improvements to assure that you are getting the most out of your resources before and after project completion. Our platform guarantees that you are being performant, efficient, and compliant and allows your team to focus on innovation.

turbonomic solutions - continuous optimization

Improve IT Staff Productivity

Redeploy IT staff to strategic initiatives and allow employees to focus on skill development while decreasing performance related incidents and service outages.


of IT organizations who have struggled with underutilized infrastructure have achieved better densities on hosts with Turbonomic.

Source: TechValidate

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