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Our customers do great things when software manages IT.

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Case Study: Rabobank
Relying on Full-Stack Visibility and Automation to Break Down Siloes and Enable DevOps at Rabobank Background Headquartered in the Netherlands A global leader in Food and Agriculture financing, as well as sustainability-oriented banking...
Case Study: Capita Group
Implementing AI-powered Automation to Assure Application Performance at Capita Group Background Consulting, transformation and digital services business More than 20,000 clients worldwide Over 61,000 employees 2020 revenues: 3.325 billion GBP Visit Understanding...
Case Study: SulAmérica
SulAmérica’s App-Driven Digital Transformation 70% Reduction in tickets 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions leading to low application-response time.   11% Improvement in node density About SulAmérica With over 7,390...
Case Study: Providence Health
Providence Health Drives Continuous Health of Cloud & Hybrid Environment for Better Patient Experiences Watch Webcast About Providence Health Pursuing innovative ways to transform health care Serving the poor and vulnerable Making health...
Case Study: O.C. Tanner
O.C.Tanner Delivers an Innovation-First PaaS with Kubernetes & Turbonomic Watch Webcast About O.C. Tanner Developing employee recognition strategies and rewards programs that help companies appreciate people who do great work One of the...
Case Study: Healthcare Company
Healthcare Company Automates to Reduce Manual Efforts Manual Actions Don’t Cut It. Automation is Needed to Assure Performance. In 2016, a Sr. Systems Engineer on a Healthcare company’s virtualization team was in charge...
Case Study: Litehouse Foods
Litehouse Foods Augments Their Team Through Automation and Assures Performance Through Uncertain Times 400 In just the first week, Turbonomic identified 400 opportunities to improve performance and optimize for efficiency. 24×7 Software continuously...
Case Study: Metrostar Systems
Metrostar Systems Controls AWS Cloud Complexity While Saving Hundreds of Hours of Labor 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions. 25% Reduction in cloud waste by having Turbonomic optimize storage automatically....
Case Study: Metzler Bank
Metzler Assures Application Performance and Preserves Client SLAs with Turbonomic 10% Saw 10% growth in VMs without having to purchase additional hardware. 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions. About Metzler...
Case Study: Houston Methodist
Houston Methodist Improves Performance & Maintains Compliance with Turbonomic Automation Automated 2500 VMs and 250 datastores and saw improvements in the environment. Elasticity Achieved on-demand capacity management with Turbonomic. Compliance Automatically assures compliance...
Case Study: Fareportal
Fareportal Powers the Digital Travel Experience on Cisco UCS, Assuring Performance with Turbonomic 40% Increase in VM:host density, leveraging the full capacity of Cisco UCS with Turbonomic 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously...
Case Study: Carhartt
Carhartt Realizes Record Holiday Sales While Delivering a Cloud-First Strategy with Turbonomic 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource decisions. 15% Improvement in resource utilization by automating VM placement with Turbonomic. 45%...
Case Study: Agilysys
Agilysys Assures the Performance of the Guest Journey During an Azure Hybrid Cloud Transformation 99% Reduction in support tickets related to application performance and stability. 24×7 Performance assurance with software continuously making resource...
Case Study: Sharp Healthcare
Sharp HealthCare Ensures Mission-Critical Applications Always Perform for the Best Patient Care 64% Increase in infrastructure utilization while improving application performance. 12 months To realize several hundred thousand dollars in licensing cost savings...

You do you. Better.

“Turbonomic has allowed us to do what we do better and worry less about the technology behind what we do.”

Derek Johnson
Infrastructure Manager, Zethcon Corporation

Productivity & Happy End Users

“Turbonomic has given back time in our day. Changes are made before a problem is created. That keeps applications moving smoothly, which improves productivity and keeps the end users happy – which makes our day easier.”

Shawn Robertson
Platform Manager, First Acceptance Corp.

Uniting AppDev & Infra

“We have been able to approach system owners with recommendations. Coming to the application owner to correct performance and resource issues ahead of a problem has been wonderful.”

Infrastructure Manager
Medium Enterprise Health Care Company