Manage Kubernetes at Scale

Accelerate your application modernization initiatives with Turbonomic. Kubernetes provides a platform to manage and orchestrate containerized environments, but it does not make application resource decisions for you. That's what Turbonomic does. Our software scales with the complexity of modern applications wherever they are, automatically ensuring your modern applications always perform.

Minimal Human Intervention

No thresholds or autoscaling policies to set! Application resource decisions are automatically generated by software.

Full-stack Control & Visibility

 Turbonomic stitches Kubernetes to the underlying infrastructure. You and your teams have a common source of truth.

Across Any Hybrid or Multicloud

 Turbonomic manages resources for any upstream version of Kubernetes, whether on-prem, in the public cloud, or bare metal.

Supported Platforms

Turbonomic supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes anywhere.


Automatically Assure Application SLOs

Turbonomic allows you to set service level objectives (SLOs) and the software will automatically ensure that they are continuously met. Watch this video to learn more.

Discover the Difference

Our Software Automatically Makes Application Resource Decisions

Turbonomic is continuously analyzing the environment and providing actions that ensure your applications get the compute, storage, and network resources they need when they need it. You can set Turbonomic to full automation--executing actions in real time--or you can execute them as part of your existing processes, ex. CI/CD.

  • How should you size containers?
  • When do you need to redistribute pods? To which node?
  • When do you need to scale out the cluster? By how much?
  • When do you need to scale back the cluster? By how much?
  • Do you have enough capacity to onboard new services?

Full-Stack Visibility Correlates the Platform to the Service

Turbonomic shows you how your services correlate to the platform and the underlying infrastructure. Its analytics continuously make the right resource decisions, for example, it will not determine that you need to scale out pods without ensuring that there is enough capacity in the nodes to support that workload.

Container Rightsizing is Determined by Software, Freeing Developers

Turbonomic can scale container limits/requests up or down based on application demand (these actions can be executed automatically in real-time, or as part of your existing deployment process, ex. CICD). It frees developers to focus on application features and functionality, not resources.

Read the blog, Managing Multitenancy in Kubernetes, to learn more.


Pod Redistribution Assures Service Performance & Cluster Efficiency

Turbonomic can reschedule pods while maintaining service availability to avoid resource fragmentation and/or contention on the node. These actions safely increase density, while ensuring that pods can always be deployed—no pending pods!

Read the blog, Kubernetes Rescheduling: A Pods Life & Reincarnation to learn more.

Cluster Scaling Based on Application Demand Increases Elasticity

When Turbonomic sees that pods have too little (or too much) capacity in the cluster it will give the action to spin up another node (or suspend nodes). You always have exactly the right amount of infrastructure to ensure your services continuously perform. And because the actions are automatically generated, you can increase the elasticity of your platforms.


Container Planning, So You're Always Ready to Onboard New Services

Turbonomic allows you to model “what if” scenarios based on your real-time environment. With a few clicks you can determine how much headroom you have in your clusters, or simulate adding (or removing) demand (Kubernetes pods). It makes planning for on-boarding new services easy, which is critical when you want to scale your platforms to support more lines of business.

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