Manage Kubernetes at Scale

Automation for Platform & DevOps Teams Looking to Operationalize Speed to Market While Assuring Application Performance.

The journey to cloud native involves numerous stakeholders. Which one are you?

Why Turbonomic?

For digital teams who must accelerate DevOps and scale their next-gen platforms, Turbonomic application resource management provides “cruise control” for your applications, anywhere. Alternative solutions cannot assure performance and burden your organization with lots of data-without-answers, disconnected tools, and siloed teams. With Turbonomic, your teams simply set response-time SLOs and our software ensures that the platform and underlying infrastructure continuously and dynamically provides exactly the resources required to meet those SLOs.

No SLOs? No problem. Turbonomic ensures all your applications—containerized and traditional—always exactly get the resources they need to perform, while continuously maintaining compliance with business policies and constraints.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) concept.

Productivity & Happy End Users

O.C. Tanner Uses K8s & T8c to Deliver an Innovation-First PaaS

Watch this webinar where we discuss how O.C.Tanner is using Kubernetes and Turbonomic to enable Developer agility and app ownership.

Customer Q&A: Florida Blue’s Application Modernization Journey

Read this blog to learn about Florida Blue’s application modernization and DevOps journey and how Turbonomic is helping their Developers, DevOps, and Operations teams.

“Turbonomic has given back time in our day. Changes are made before a problem is created. That keeps applications moving smoothly, which improves productivity and keeps the end users happy – which makes our day easier.”

Shawn Robertson
Platform Manager, First Acceptance Corp.

Supported Platforms

Turbonomic supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes anywhere.


Automating Application-Driven Container Elasticity

This white paper discusses key concepts to consider as you scale container platforms to support business transformation. Give your organization the operational “muscle memory” that will fundamentally transform how (and when) you enable more agility and innovation.

Demo: Turbonomic ARM + Instana APM Integration

Do you want to know how platforms and infrastructure resourcing affects the response-time of your mission-critical applications? Watch this demo to see how Turbonomic uses data from APM tools to stitch the stack, from the logical to the physical, and show your impact.

Assuring SLOs Automatically with Turbonomic

Has your organization invested in building stateless horizontally scalable services? Reap the rewards of that investment; let SLOs drive the infrastructure. Watch this demo to see how Turbonomic can continuously and automatically maintain the response-time SLOs you set.

Digital Executive
DevOps Champion

Cruise Control for Your Applications

When it comes to digital transformation on Kubernetes, your applications and your teams’ time are too important.

Let application SLOs drive the infrastructure.

Operationalize Speed to Market

Digital transformation relies on DevOps speed. Don’t let slow apps slow down the business. AI-powered automation ensures apps always get exactly the resources needed to perform.

Show Your Business Impact

Applications are the business. Demonstrate the impact of digital transformation to the business: our software connects applications and response-time to dynamic infrastructure resourcing.

Unified Platform Connects All Teams

Multiple teams are involved in building and running applications. What if they had a common understanding of how applications consume resources from the platform and infrastructure?

Simplify Hybrid Cloud Complexity (and Beyond)

Our analytics engine has a common data model that supports today’s transformative technologies and tomorrow’s. Today it’s Kubernetes; tomorrow, edge, serverless, IoT, and beyond.

What if you had “cruise control” for your apps?

Your teams set response-time SLOs and AI-powered software ensures that the platform and underlying infrastructure always provides the resources they need to meet those SLOs—wherever your apps run.

App-centric, full-stack visibility that bridges teams? Integration with DevOps workflows? Multitenant and multicloud management? Planning for growth? Yeah, we’ve got that too.

Supported Platforms

Turbonomic supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes anywhere.


Operationalize Speed to Market

You invested in containerization and Kubernetes to increase business velocity—bringing ideas to market faster—as you reap the benefits of application elasticity, anywhere. But it’s harder than everyone thought. Our software determines the resourcing actions at the right time to ensure your mission-critical apps get exactly what they need to perform, while staying compliant—wherever they run.

Confidently Accelerate DevOps

Safely increase the frequency & scale of deployments. Our analytics integrate with your DevOps workflows, ensuring newly deployed and existing services always perform.

Manage Multiple Tenants Anywhere

Give your teams an easy way to manage multiple tenants across multiple platforms and/or clouds—all while leveraging AI-powered automation that ensures every application/tenant gets what it needs to perform. Learn more

Hybrid Cloud & Multi-Platform Management

Control the complexity of any Kubernetes, anywhere. Turbonomic supports all upstream versions of Kubernetes. OpenShift? AKS? EKS? GKE? All of the above? We’ve got you covered and more.

Bring on more lines of business, faster.

With a few clicks, your teams can simulate how to optimize the existing environment to unlock capacity for growth so you can expand your digital transformation initiatives.

Show Your Business Impact

Demonstrate the impact of your digital transformation to the business by connecting application response-time to dynamic infrastructure resourcing. Below, learn how a customer maintained response-time even during peak demand with Turbonomic automation.

Customer Highlight: Accelerating Digital Transformation During a Pandemic

Turbonomic Automation Kept Response-Time Low During Holiday Spike in Demand!

This customer has a business app, which integrates with a one of the largest low-cost airlines operating in the region. Travel insurance is booked from this app so the peak we see on the graph is related to the multi-day Easter holidays. While demand on the app increased, Turbonomic’s dynamic resourcing within the Kubernetes platform and the underlying infrastructure was able to keep response-time low.

Automation reduced tickets by ~70%
  • Container resizing (staging)
  • Continuous placement (all)
57 mission-critical applications
  • Ex. GPS in car - report theft of vehicle; quote for new policies; etc.
  • (~7k containers /~3k pods)
  • Stitched to Dynatrace

Unified Platform Connects All Teams

Application-centric, full-stack visibility ensures a single-source of truth for Dev, DevOps, SREs, Ops, and Infrastructure. Everyone has the same data, everyone understands exactly how your mission-critical applications are getting the resources they need to perform (and the answers for what to do if they aren’t getting them).

Read how Turbonomic helps Florida Blue.

For Your Digital Transformation Today—and Tomorrow

Turbonomic supports today’s transformative technologies and tomorrow’s—that’s the power of our common data model. We take a future-proof approach: applications will always require resources to perform and there will always be resource tradeoffs to navigate, wherever those applications run. Edge, serverless, IoT and beyond, we’ve got you covered.


Built to Simplify Complexity at Scale

Turbonomic was founded on the premise that software should manage application resources, not people. Proven across 2,000+ customers, including 25% of the Fortune 500 and 8/12 of the top money center banks in North America. Our customers have some of the world’s largest, most complex hybrid and multicloud environments. They assure performance and accelerate their digital initiatives with Turbonomic.