Continuous Kubernetes optimization

Assure application performance while responsibly scaling your next-gen platforms.


More automation, more time to create

Software (not people) continuously makes resourcing decisions across containers, pods, namespaces, clusters, and the underlying compute.... wherever your Kubernetes platform runs. Automate the actions as best suits your business.

With the time back, focus on high-impact initiatives.

Grow responsibly

Applications always get exactly what they need to perform. No more oversized containers or namespaces, or underutilized clusters, that can stall further investment in your next-gen platforms.


Connect automation to customer experience KPIs

Got cloud native microservices? You can set your Service Level Objective (SLO) and Turbonomic will horizontally scale application services as well as the underlying compute resources to automatically and continuously meet the SLO.

Intelligent actions

Our software makes the right resource decisions for you, providing actions you can actually automate.


Scale container limits/requests up or down based on application demand. Execute the actions in real-time or as part of the DevOps deployment process.

Pod Moves

For stateless microservice applications, automatically (and non-disruptively) move pods to avoid resource congestion and defragment the cluster.

Cluster scaling

Scale out (or back) the cluster based on real-time application demand, our full-stack analysis ensures intelligent scaling at every layer of the stack.

SLO assurance

Horizontally scale microservice applications, as well as the underlying compute resources, to meet specific customer experience Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

Capacity planning

Simulate how to optimize the existing environment to unlock capacity for growth so you can onboard more applications and lines-of-business.

Supported Platforms

Any upstream compliant Kubernetes.

Red Hat OpenShift 3.11+

Any hosted cloud Kubernetes (EKS, AKS, ROSA, ROKS, Cisco IKS)

Manage multiple tenants anywhere

With Turbonomic teams have an easy way to manage multiple tenants across multiple platforms and/or clouds—all while leveraging the automation that ensures every application/tenant gets exactly what it needs to perform.

Top Down Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Two Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Director is Walking Between Rows. Open Space Office with Businesspeople

Automating application-driven container elasticity

This white paper discusses key concepts to consider as you scale container platforms to support business transformation. Give your organization the operational “muscle memory” that will fundamentally transform how (and when) you enable more agility and innovation.

Productivity & Happy End Users

O.C. Tanner Uses K8s & T8c to Deliver an Innovation-First PaaS

Watch this webinar where we discuss how O.C.Tanner is using Kubernetes and Turbonomic to enable Developer agility and app ownership.

Customer Q&A: Florida Blue’s Application Modernization Journey

Read this blog to learn about Florida Blue’s application modernization and DevOps journey and how Turbonomic is helping their Developers, DevOps, and Operations teams.

“Turbonomic has given back time in our day. Changes are made before a problem is created. That keeps applications moving smoothly, which improves productivity and keeps the end users happy – which makes our day easier.”

Shawn Robertson
Platform Manager, First Acceptance Corp.