Public Cloud Optimization

Organizations are rapidly increasing public cloud adoption, but the promise of agility and elasticity often comes with a lack of insight into what is needed from an application resourcing perspective. This leads to poor performance and higher than budgeted bills. With cloud deployments beyond human scale, intelligent automation is needed to deliver world class application performance. Turbonomic Application Resource Management (ARM) for public cloud enables customers to achieve consistent and reliable performance while enforcing business policy and optimizing cloud cost by at least 30%.

Easy to Install, Fully Automatable

Agentless platform installs and discovers cloud inventory within minutes, generating automatable, application-aware actions to assure performance, while minimizing cost.

Continuous Cloud Optimization

Continuously optimize cloud compute, storage and database resources based on app demand. Eliminate idle and forgotten assets with real-time insight of your environment.

Maximize RI Usage Automatically

AI-powered analytics drive automatic optimization and management of RI inventory, maximizing RI utilization and coverage all through the lens of application performance.

Customer Highlight

MetroStar Fully Automates Their Cloud Estate to Save Time & Money

The MetroStar operations team was given ownership of a dozen AWS environments to manage for their customers. With Turbonomic the team saw significant costs reductions, while saving their team from long hours, after work and on weekends, of manually rightsizing cloud workloads.

Discover the Difference






For a cloud estate of any scale, continuous application resource management is critical to achieve true elasticity and agility. Turbonomic automatically provides continuous resourcing actions for compute, storage and databases assets as well as actions to eliminate existing cloud waste. All actions are based on application demand, assuring performance while enforcing business compliance and increasing efficiency.

Continuous Cloud Catalog Discovery

Cloud providers continuously updated their expansive catalog (over 1m+ possible configurations to date) of service types, discounting mechanisms and configuration options. Turbonomic continuously and automatically recognizes new additions or changes to cloud catalogs via APIs. All optimization actions are based on the latest offerings and your existing agreements with your cloud providers (EA or EDPs).


Maximize RI Investment with AI Powered Analytics

Managing RIs is a complicated undertaking, but can save you up to 70% on cloud instances. Turbonomic provides specific and automatable actions for which RIs to apply to which instances and does so in concert with resizing actions, ensuring you continuously get the most out of your pre-purchase investments.

What Can Application Resource Management Do for You?

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