Responsible Agility with ServiceNow

Organizations which have adopted ITSM solutions are losing velocity because of manual workflows. Turbonomic actions can be integrated into your ServiceNow workflows. Our software continuously optimizes your environment, while ServiceNow keeps records and approvals.

Automate Your Workflows

Resource decisions are automatically pushed to ServiceNow to become part of your records and workflows. Our automation enables elasticity, responsibly.

Enable Your Team to Move Fast

Automatically generated resource decisions are reviewed through ServiceNow, reducing manual labor traditionally associated with managing cloud environments.

Collaborate Across Your Organization

Assuring application performance involves Application, DevOps and IT operations. Turbonomic provides a single source of truth for these teams.


"We're excited to leverage the new ServiceNow integration which, already in a very short amount of time, is already driving greater agility for Carhartt IT - and an even better experience for our customers."

Tim Masey, Vice President of IT Infrastructure & Security

Discover the Difference

Automatically Create and Track Records of Turbonomic Decisions and Actions Taken

Records of all Turbonomic decisions and actions are created and tracked in ServiceNow. DevOps, IT and application teams have a single source of truth to track all Turbonomic trusted decisions and automated actions.


Seamlessly Integrate Turbonomic into Existing ServiceNow Approval Workflows

Records of all Turbonomic decisions are created in ServiceNow for approval by IT, application and DevOps teams. Once approved, Turbonomic will take action to assure appliation performance. All Turbonomic decisions and actions are tracked in ServiceNow and become part of your workflow.


What Can Turbonomic Application Resource Management Do for You?

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