Accelerate your journey to carbon neutrality now.

For executives that must accelerate their journey to carbon neutrality while driving digital business transformation, Turbonomic software ensures that customers' applications always consume just what they need to perform, materially reducing IT’s carbon footprint.  



You're one in 200 trillion. That's not a compliment.

Globally, data centers consume 200 terrawatt hours (TWh) of electricity—equivalent to nearly 40% of Germany’s electricity consumption, or 5% of the United States.'

Let's estimate your IT's carbon footprint, then see what we can do about it.

IT Best Practices for Accelerating the Journey to Carbon Neutrality

Executives face more pressure than ever to accelerate their journey to carbon neutrality. As organizations commit to reducing their environmental impact, investors, consumers, governments, and regulatory agencies expect transparency and measurable results as it relates to sustainability.  

Executing on strategies for environmental sustainability often includes a mix of approaches. IT has the opportunity to reduce impact immediately through optimization of cloud and data center resource consumption and minimize it continuously. Prioritizing sustainable resource consumption offers quick wins that last, as you also initiate longer-term investments in renewable energy, more efficient hardware, and the like. 

Sustainable IT can start now. 

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Actions you can take today.

Resourcing actions ensure applications consume exactly what they need.

Customers reduce their cloud & data center consumption by at least 30% within 6 months.

Obtainable Sustainable IT

Customers have a proven methodology for increasing automation to continuously operate in an environmentally sustainable way.

Lead with measurable results.

IT executives can lead by example with transparency and measurable results.

IT can be the pace-setter for sustainability initiatives.

Proven Results

Every organization interviewed by Forrester optimized their application resource consumption either in the datacenter, the public cloud, or both. Forrester’s research notes that optimizations such as these impact an organization’s long-term energy consumption profile.

— Forrester TEI Report

Reduce cloud and data center consumption by 30% within 6 months.

Through a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, Forrester Consulting projected that Turbonomic Application Resource Management customers reduced their cloud and data center consumption by 30% within 6 months, significantly improving long-term energy consumption profiles

Avoid public cloud consumption and cost by 33%

By extending IBM Turbonomic deployments to their public cloud workloads, several organizations greatly reduced their consumption spend through dynamic scaling and more effective resource planning. Several organizations saved more than $1 million annually on public cloud spend alone.

471% Return on Investment in less than 6 months

The customer interviews and financial analysis found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $15.96 million over three years versus costs of $2.80 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $13.16 million and an ROI of 471%.

Data centers are consuming more energy than ever before

Each year, data centers consume nearly 200 billion kilowatt hours of energy – emitting over 150 million metric tons of carbon pollution.

Every app, web site, and email you consume comes from the same place – a data center. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook – the big ones – each contain a million-plus servers and counting. “Smaller” data centers contain hundreds or thousands of servers and counting. They add up, so much so that data centers are the fastest-growing consumers of electricity in the United States.

In fact, in 2021 US data centers consumed an estimated 115 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity – enough electricity to power all the households in New York City three times over.

Make your data center green with Turbonomic.

Data Center Energy Audit

How Turbonomic saves Bermuda Police Service 80,000 kWh and $32,000 every year

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) ensures the public safety of all Bermudians. Like so many taxpayer-funded government services, BPS faces new and growing security challenges on a modest budget. Their data center is no exception.

In early 2016, BPS thought it might need to purchase new hardware for the data center in order to address poor application performance. Budget constraints, however, forced them to investigate alternatives. Simply put, they needed to find a way to do more with less.

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Most data centers are overprovisioned

The problem? Most data center servers are wildly underutilized. Even with virtualization, the majority of servers never come close to using their full capacity. To accommodate growth, data centers add more CPU, more RAM, more everything, year after year – never truly utilizing the existing infrastructure to its full potential.

The electric bill grows and grows – but worse – so does the carbon footprint for which we are all partially responsible. Unbridled, data center growth continues to create more and more waste.

See how Turbonomic enables energy efficiency at EDF.

Sustainability from the Data Center to the Cloud: Optimizing and Monitoring IT Infrastructure for Carbon Neutrality

Turbonomic carbon neutral with windmills

According to McKinsey, 83% of C-suite leaders and investment professionals expect that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs will contribute more to shareholder value in 5 years than today. However, only 18% of organizations with an enterprise-wide sustainability strategy have defined sustainable IT goals (Gartner).

Carbon neutrality needs action! It's time to reduce your cloud and data center consumption by 30-50% with automation you can trust.

In this on-demand 20-minute Ecocast from ActualTech Media and Turbonomic, an IBM company, you will quickly learn how Application Resource Management (ARM) can complement your existing sustainability initiatives.

You will learn:

  • Sustainability of the cloud, and key differences between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform
  • How your organization can operate sustainably in the cloud and in your data center
  • How Turbonomic effectively manages the tradeoffs between Performance, Sustainability, and Cost
  • A brief overview of the IBM Turbonomic ARM

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