Upcoming Webinars

There are 4 (Not 3) Pillars of Observability, Here’s Why

Wednesday, January 22nd at 11am ET

Logs, metrics, and tracing are widely understood as the 3 pillars of observability, but when it comes to your microservice applications, context is equally important and warrants a 4th pillar. Join us for this webinar as we discuss these pillars of observability, why they matter, and how a 4th pillar can bridge the all-too-common gap between Developer and Operations teams.

AWS Savings Plans: Everything You Need To Know

Wednesday, January 29th at 11am ET

Back by popular demand, our AWS deep-dive webinar will cover essential elements of Amazon's latest discount model. We will look into the history of AWS' pricing models and the reasons cloud providers are investing heavily in cost reduction. We invite you to join us to learn about AWS Savings Plans, and examine the future of Reserved Instances and other discount mechanisms offered by AWS.